Monday, September 16, 2013

Have You Started Thinking About Your 2013 Christmas Card?

I love to send and receive photo Christmas cards! I proudly display them so we can enjoy them throughout the Holiday Season.

Many families make the creation of their Christmas card a part of their family traditions. It has become very popular for families to design and create their own Christmas card by adding personal touches of family photos and holiday snapshots. The greeting in the card can be personalized but brief or may include a "Christmas letter" updating everyone on the years’ events.

I have started planning our photo Christmas card for 2013. Creating a personal card was one of the holiday traditions I began in 1980 after our first daughter was born in 1979 on Christmas Day. Looking back on the cards from each year brings back smiles and great memories.

My mother sent her first photo Christmas in 1954.

These have been a few of my favorite photo Christmas cards.

Pinterest offers a wealth of ideas and inspiration on photo Christmas card ideas. Look at "Ornaments for Keeps" on Pinterest and check out our "Christmas Card" board for a few great ideas!
We would love to see your favorite photo Christmas cards throughout the years! Please share them with us...

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