Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stuffin' the Stockings

Buying Christmas presents can be a fun yet daunting experience...will they like it, will they want to exchange it, is it something they can really use? So after you find just the right gift, you guessed it, time to start thinking about the stocking stuffers. What?? To help you out I've gone in search of a few of the most sought after tiny gifts that fit in that giant sock.
     1. CANDY! Who doesn't love all of that sugary goodness that can cause you to feel like you want to run a marathon until you get down the road and decide maybe a nap would be good too. Yes I know, sugar is horrible for you but surely having a treat once a year won't hurt, right? Well then there's Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter too but who's counting, it makes a geart stuffer!
     2. THE SELFIE STICK. With the world of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the fifty others I didn't mention, we all want that perfect selfie. This portable wonder stick makes it super easy to get just that.
     3. SLIPPER SOCKS, HATS, SCARVES AND MITTENS. Christmas is at the end of December, I think this gift is self-explanatory.
    4. LOTTERY TICKETS. This little game of luck is so fun! I tend to only win a lottery ticket or a few bucks but you never know, there's always that chance of hitting the jackpot!
     5. $10 GIFT CARD TO FAVORITE RESTAURANT. This amount will probably not cover the entire cost of the meal but every little bit helps and it might allow them to splurge on something they don't normally dessert.
     6. PERSONALIZED ORNAMENTS. Yes, these keepsakes from Ornaments for Keeps make wonderful gifts and just so happen to fit perfectly in a stocking. Something that can be kept and treasured forever and brought out every year to remember this special holiday.

While these only scratch the surface of the endless possibilities, hopefully this will help take some of the pressure off and let you enjoy your holidays that much more. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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