Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Six EASY Ideas to Help Start Your Family Tradition!!

Creating family traditions can be simple and effortless - don't get stressed trying to create an elaborate plan.  Remember the point  is to bring the family together for some quality time. 

Here are some simple ideas to create your own family traditions that will be easy to continue year after year.
  1. Drive through area light displays together.  Tune in some Christmas carols on the radio and you are ready to be fascinated by the twinkling displays.
  2. Make Dough Ornaments with the Family - Check out my EASY Dough  Ornament Recipe!  
  3. Movie night!  Watch your favorite holiday flick together...whether it's Miracle on 34th Street or A Christmas Story it will be something to share with each generation.
  4. Hand print an item with every family member. Choose a cloth laundry or grocery bag or table cloth and have each person put there hand print on it. One can be made for each member of the family and added to as it expands.
  5. Family Pot Luck.  You can choose an overall theme that everyone can bring an appropriate dish or have everyone bring a course.  Have everyone email you the recipes in advance and you can put together a booklet for each guest attending.
  6. Have an annual ornament exchange.  Each person can draw a name and get an ornament for that family member.  You can incorporate themes or other ideas to spice it up from year to year.
These are just some ideas for you to share with your loved ones.  Traditions that can be created so easily and can last a lifetime!  

Happy crafting and I hope these ideas help!  Since my first craft show in 1981, customers here at home and from around the United States continue to add to their collections and to buy these personalized gifts for family and friends.

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