Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Personalize Ornaments Creatively

Personalized ornaments are a heartwarming way to show friends and family that extra time and thought went into your gift.

Personalize to make items stand out as being unique and creative. Think of the person that is getting the ornament, what are their interests and do they have any fun sayings or quotes.

This last weekend my husband and I took a vacation to the New Jersey shore of Wildwood Crest. We have some good friends that recently purchased a beach condo. I wanted to take them something special and what better than personalized ornaments!

I chose the beach ornament. They call their beach condo "The Happy Place," what a perfect saying to personalize on the ornament.

I picked the crab and sandcastle ornament and personalized "Wildwwod Crest, NJ 2012" to commemerate their year.
The tropical drink ornament is for their daughter that recently received her PHD and personalized it "It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Dr Koz."
They loved them!
During the week, whatever question we had, Kristin (Dr Koz), had an app for that on her iPhone. All week it was "I have an app for that." Since returning home, I have personalized an iPhone ornament with "I have an app for that!" and am going to mail it to her.
It can be so much fun and also help create special memories. As I continue to personalize creative and unique ornaments this season, I will keep you updated on these great personalization ideas. Have a great week!