Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where Ornaments Are Made

Finally, our crafting paradise is complete! This wonderful idea ended up taking a little longer than what was expected but really, doesn’t any home project? Going from a cold and drab unfinished basement to a warm and inviting space to let our creativity flow was totally worth the wait! I wanted to highlight some of our favorite features that made this room come together.



I first want to emphasize the importance of having storage, storage and more storage. We’re about three items away from being able to open up our own Hobby Lobby! As you can see, the room is centered around a huge 5’x9’ table that we skirted with black fabric to hide all of the goodies that lurk below. On both sides of this table we have cabinets that give us more storage and more workspace.

Adding the green bins on the inside makes it even more appealing when these cabinets have to be opened.

The shelves between the windows have been amazing! Keeping all of our paints, glitters, glues, and ribbons organized is a necessity.
Credit has to be given to my sister-in-law, Kathy Shramek, for the one-of-a-kind window treatments. She took four to five yards of six different fabrics, tore them into pieces and tied them onto laundry clothes-line…what an idea that turned out fabulous!

Of course we have the racks that display all of the ornaments and last but not least there is the mailing and printer station. This has come in so handy. Having all of our mailing boxes, taping supplies and a place to print the mailing labels is a must have to make the Christmas season run as efficiently as possible.

This sign above the cabinet says it all…”Do what you Love!”

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new space where ornaments are made and also to see your pictures of your creative workspace!
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