Monday, October 4, 2021

Buffalo Plaid Wreath

 Fall is one of my most favorite seasons so I always go crazy with the decor. This year I kept seeing all of these amazing wreaths made from the Dollar Tree Wire Pumpkins so of course I wanted one too. 

I follow this awesome woman on Pinterest, Cottage on Bunker Hill by Jennifer Howard, and loved hers the most so I went for it. This was super easy but has to be one of the cutest swags I've ever had on my front door. 

Like I said above, the wire pumpkin is from Dollar Tree, the buffalo plaid beads I ordered from Amazon and the ribbon and stems came from Hobby Lobby, all for about twenty bucks. Jennifer's video showed exactly how to put this masterpiece together. The only thing that took me a couple tries to figure out was reattaching each wire after the beads were put on. What worked best for me was to fill the last bead with hot glue and connect the wire that way. I've attached the video so you can make one of your own:) Happy Fall!

Buffalo Plaid Wire Wreath

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