Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Mischievous Elf on the Shelf

    The Elf on the Shelf tradition is based on a children's book written by Carol Aebersold and Chandra Bell to explain how Santa knows who's naughty and nice. 
    The story describes how "scout elves" hide in people's homes and watch over the daily events. When the family has gone to bed, the scout elf flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa the activities, good and bad, that have taken place throughout the day. Before the family wakes each morning, the scout elf flies back from the North Pole and hides. By hiding in a new spot each morning, the scout elf plays an ongoing game of hide and seek.
    Scout elves get their magic by being named and loved by a child. There's only one rule you must follow and that is not to touch the elf as the magic will disappear and Santa won't hear all that was seen. Although it can't be touched, they may speak to the scout elf and tell all of their Christmas wishes so that the elf can report back to Santa accurately. 
    Since the elf moves daily from Thanksgiving until Christmas, parents have found some creative ways to make him hide. My long-time friend, Mandy Engelbrecht, has to be one of the most creative Elf on the Shelf masters I've ever seen. Her pictures of their mischievous elf named Chippy are featured in this blog. Even after a long day of "momming" where I'm sure she would just like to go to bed, she always comes up with a fun way for her kids to wake up and find Chippy waiting. What an awesome tradition her kids will remember always!

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