Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gone Beachin'

Having a seasonal business, such as a Christmas ornament company, has allowed for us to do something else we love in the off-season…go to the beach! Although, just because we are on vacation doesn’t mean that our creative minds have also completely checked out. 

One of our favorite things to do is scour the gift stores for inspiration.  Most of the time it’s the typical t-shirts, hats, and shot glasses (don’t get me wrong, those goodies are all wonderful to bring home) but occasionally we run across a gem like this, a driftwood Christmas tree! Who even thought of something so neat?!? 

Having a driftwood tree to decorate with an ornament that we get on vacation would be so great to bring out at Christmas time! New ornaments to decorate this tree would also be something else fun to search for on all of our beach excursions.  Sand dollars and starfish make super cute souvenir ornaments as well. 

There’s also the DIY ornament made from all the little treasures found on the beach. Take home a little sand and fill a glass ball ornament with all the shells and coral you collect. Use a paint pen, marker or a vinyl cutter to mark it with the beach and date.  We also embellished with twine and ribbon. Can’t wait to put this on the tree!

Ornamentsfor Keeps also has a huge selection of destination ornaments.  Each one can be personalized specially to commemorate the memories from your vacation.

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