Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's Never Too Soon To Think About the Holidays

     We've all heard the moans and groans from the people who hate to see anything Christmas before Halloween. But why not? Summer's end is the perfect time to start thinking about the holidays. Taking time to plan ahead now can make for a much more enjoyable holiday season.
1.There is just too much about Christmas to fit into one month. I'm not saying to fully deck out your décor now but having a game plan can only help. When stores first put out the holiday decorations get in there right away and take advantage of the savings. If you're like me I try and do a different theme every year. When I finally decide what that's going to be, buying the ornaments, ribbons, garland and everything else can be much cheaper this time of year. What about your holiday parties? Whether you're the host/hostess or just plan on attending, have it thought out. Decide early what food and beverages you'll be serving or taking, what fun games you'll be playing and what the theme will be. And then there's the Christmas cards. This can be a very challenging task. Getting that perfect family picture, picking out the card style and if you write a letter each year about what your family has been up to, have it all ready. The lead up to Christmas can be so fun!
2. 'Tis the reason for the season. In our religion, Jesus is a pretty important guy and celebrating his birth is the entire reason for the season. Think of ways to honor this special event, there are so many ways to give back. Choose a family in need from the angel tree and help them to have a special holiday. Serve at your local shelter and I know it may sound cliché but sometimes just a simple smile at someone can make all the difference.
3. Giving the perfect gifts. Putting extra thought into each person can make it all that more special. Sure, giving in general is great but when you find something that makes a person's face light up with joy, that's so much better. All it takes is a little thought and starting early can save you the stress of just having to pick up something at the last minute. Did I mention the sales? Get it early to save.
4. Personalized Christmas Ornaments. Of course I had to throw this in here:) Get your ornaments early. The new ornaments for 2016 have arrived and they're in stock. Whether you're starting the tradition of giving a personalized ornament every year or have been doing it for decades...the sooner the better!
5. Christmas only comes once a year and is so magical, enjoy it!

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