Thursday, September 28, 2017

Honor Our First Responders!

Our first responders work tirelessly to keep us safe! No matter what they are going through in their own personal lives, they show up and protect the good people of their towns from whatever trouble may be out there. First responders risk their lives every day for people they don't even know. Isn't that reason enough to recognize them around the holidays? Recognize commemorate the hold work your first responders put in to protect your family by hanging a Christmas ornament on your tree this year that represents what they do. Ornaments for Keeps recognizes our first responders and here are a few ways you can do that too around Christmas time.

Ways to Recognize Your First Responders Around Christmas Time

1. Take the time to think of your first responders around Christmas.

Many first responders don't get to spend Christmas with their families and friends because they are busy working and protecting people and dedicating their time make sure everyone else is safe. Honor them by thinking of them while they are away from their families on such a meaningful holiday.

"A true police officer fights no because he hates what's in front of him but because he loves who stands behind him." - Unknown

2. Hang an ornament on your tree that represents your first responders and the time they sacrifice for your protection.

We have an abundance of first responder ornaments to choose from. Each of our ornaments are customized and unique. Decorate your tree with ornaments that were made to signify the passion and effort our first responders put in every day to protect us.

"Fear leaves once you realize saving a life is miraculous! Fire is just a thing, people are the priority." - Unknown

3. Donate to local charities that are first responder based.

There are multiple first responder based non-profit organizations, such as the Fraternal Order of Police or the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri. Each of these non profit organizations try to create better communities through education.

"The day we learn to allow an ambulance to pass through in traffic, might be the first step towards being a truly responsible society." - Boman Irani

In Need of a Customized First Responder Christmas Ornament?

Ornaments for Keeps specializes in personalized Christmas ornaments. We love to create meaningful and thoughtful gifts you can give to your family, friends, and other loved ones. No matter who you may be giving a personalized Christmas ornament to, whether it be for a new baby, sporting event, special friend, or wedding, Christmas ornaments can become a very special keepsake. Each year as our family decorates our Christmas tree, the personalized family ornaments we hang bring smiles and reflection. We invite you to begin or continue your tradition and collection of personalized Christmas ornaments. Grab a cup of coffee, sit and browse our wonderful selection of personalized Christmas ornaments.

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