Friday, October 13, 2017

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Teacher!

Christmas is right around the corner and you know what that means... PRESENTS, PRESENTS, PRESENTS! There's a pleasure you can get when finding the perfect Christmas present for your friends, family, co-workers, even your TEACHERS! Ornaments for Keeps understands how difficult it can be to find the PERFECT present for your favorite teacher. Perhaps you haven't spoken with them on a personal level and you're just not sure what they like. Don't fret, we have prepared a list of Christmas present ideas that could be PERFECT for your favorite teacher.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Teacher!

1. Coffee Mug

What teacher doesn't like coffee, hot chocolate, or even tea? All of these delightful beverages can go great in a brand new coffee mug for Christmas!

2. Gift Cards

The great thing about getting your teacher a gift card, whether it be to Amazon, Target, or Wal-Mart, is it allows them to purchase what they really want for Christmas. Teachers have busy enough lives, treating themselves to a little shopping spree can be just the thing they need!

3. A Planner for the New Year

Teachers plan so much for their students throughout the year, that a new planner for the new year can go a long way.

4. A Hand-Written Letter of Reasons Why Your Teacher is Your Favorite

Showing your teacher what makes them your favorite teacher through a hand-written letter can mean the world to them. Teachers work hard so something like this can be really touching.

5. Last but not Least, a New Christmas Ornament for Your Teacher's Tree

A personalized Christmas ornament can allow your favorite teacher to remember each year how good it made them feel to receive such a thoughtful gift from their student. Christmas ornaments are the gifts that keep on giving because each year the ornaments commemorate some touching memories to reflect on.

Looking for Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Your Favorite Teacher?

Personalized Christmas ornaments can make your teacher feel special. No matter who you may be buying a personalized ornament for, whether it's for a new baby, sporting event, special friend, or wedding, Christmas ornaments can become a very special keepsake.

Each year as our family decorates our Christmas tree, the personalized family ornaments we hang bring smiles and reflection. When our children grew up and left home, we gave them their personalized ornaments to start their own family Christmas tree tradition!

I invite you to begin or continue your tradition and collection of personalized Christmas ornaments. Grab a cup of coffee, sit and browse our wonderful selection!

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