Thursday, October 19, 2017

5 Ways to Give Back as a Family This Holiday Season

Christmas is a time for giving. There are people out there, less fortunate than we are that could use a little extra help and kindness around this time of year. It's also nice to be able to teach your kids the importance of giving back around the holidays. Ornaments for Keeps is here to give you 5 ways to give back around the holiday season with your family and an example of how we have enjoyed giving back as a family ourselves.

5 Ways to Give Back as a Family This Holiday Season 

1. Bake goodies for our heroes.

As a family, bake some cookies or casseroles for those law enforcement officers or firefighters that have to work around the holidays and deliver them to the police department or fire station. How special would that be? Your local heroes would probably very much appreciate it.

2. Pack stockings for the homeless.

Purchase some cheap stockings and fill them up with different items with your kids. Stocking stuffer ideas for the homeless may include:

  • granola bars
  • water bottles
  • toothpaste
  • warm gloves
  • socks

3. Donate toys.

Go through your kid's old toys that they don't play with anymore or have just outgrown and donate them to the less fortunate. That could MAKE a child's Christmas to receive an awesome toy!

4. Adopt a family.

There are many organizations that help you sponsor a family in your area over the holiday season. They may need some extra food around the holidays and this could be a great way to donate to the less fortunate as a family.

5. Donate to a food bank.

Your kids may enjoy picking out food items at the grocery store to donate. Allow them to help pick out items to donate to a local food bank.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." - Mother Teresa

We Have Enjoyed Giving Back as a Family

"We do a couple of fundraisers a year for different organizations. We are currently doing one for Bishop Guertin High School in New Hampshire. It's the fourth year we have done this. They order 200 ornaments and I design a new one for each year. They bake for 5 hours and then the detail is painted on. They are then dipped in epoxy twice to get that shine. It is a four-day process. We can't take any more fundraisers this year but if anyone is interested next year, check with us early. " -  owner of Ornaments for Keeps

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